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About us

A family enterprise with a quiet and personal atmosphere; all rooms with ample facilities; the menu filled with traditional local dishes, and last but not least, situated in the most beautiful areas of Andalusia: these are typical profiles of the rural hotels presented in this site. Our association -AHRA / Association of Rural Hotels of Andalusia- is delighted to offer you a wide choice of hotels in the interior of Andalusia, the region of Spain that offers you the most diverse and contrasting landscapes and culture.

With the recently created infrastructures, you can cross this part of Spain  from one end to the other in about five hours; you can choose between 81 Natural Parks and protected areas which add up to about 20% of the region; and of course, everywhere you will feel and experience the famous "Art of Living" that made our region famous. When you arrive at one of our hotels, you may be sure to find always a hearty welcome. Style and surroundings of the hotels are varied. You will find new, refurbished, or historical buildings, some of them in the countryside, others in villages or in the outskirts of small rural towns.

Always an individual charm, good traditional and local food with specialties of each area, and a perfect and friendly service will be your invisible company. Also, every hotel has prepared special activities and programs for its clients to give you a real impression of the culture, history, traditions, landscape of each place.

If you plan a touring-holiday through the region, we recommend to you our VOUCHER-SYSTEM which will suit all your needs, details below. If you consider about any kind of Special Interest Program, our central office will be pleased to provide you in English any assistance and help you require.

C/ Cueva de Viera, 2. Centro del Negocio CADI, Edificio Málaga 3ª planta local 8
29200 Antequera (Málaga)
Tfno.: 952 70 51 28 Fax: 952 84 49 12

e- mail: info@ahra.es

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